Texoma Parkway Getting a Facelift

3-27-06 - The city of Sherman is in a growth spurt, especially with commercial property along Highway 75. But it is another city thoroughfare that has the attention of some starting with a spring-cleaning.

Signs along Texoma Parkway let drivers and customers know what deals can be sought after, but ironically the city says that removing the banners is the best thing for bringing back business to the area. Over the last several years’ businesses along the Parkway have slowly fallen out of compliance with city ordinances, the most obvious, which are the limits on signs.

Blowup balloons are a way of advertising that not only take up a lot of space, but also do not comply with city laws. Some of the other things listed in the Sherman city code that is prohibited are banners, pennants, sidewalk signs, and curb signs. Also, car dealerships will be asked to move all of their cars out of the right of way.

No sign or structure is supposed to be put up without a permit.