Heat Death Leads to Indictments

3-29-06 - Two Pottsboro men were indicted on Tuesday for criminally negligent homicide in the death of their friend last fall. But its how Danny Crouse died that makes this case so unusual. Prosecutors say after a night of drinking in Dallas, the two friends left him passed out in a van for more than 13 hours. Crouse died of heat stroke.

A defense attorney for Bryce Rhoden and Brad Miller says his clients did nothing wrong. Rhoden gave the 23-year-old Crouse a ride back to Rhoden’s home in Pottsboro on October 2nd. Miller had been with them that night, but had already returned to the home earlier that night. At 6:30am, Rhoden says Crouse was passed out in the van, so he left him there to sleep. Miller later left for work, but when he returned that evening, he found Crouse dead, still inside the van. Temperatures reached 90 degrees that day.

The grand jury indictment means the case will likely move to a jury trial. If convicted, the men could serve up to two years in prison.