Local Students Protest Immigration

3-31-06 - Though from a small town, several students from Gainesville joined up Friday to join in protesting with peers across the country on the immigration debates on Capitol Hill.

Around 100 students from Gainesville High School and the Junior High followed their peers and staged a walkout Friday. And their reason is simply to make their voices heard. The students left school and headed downtown around 10:00 a.m. picking up more supporters along the way, picketing for Mexico.

The cause for the protest is a debated proposal that might give millions of illegal immigrants a chance for citizenship. Not only in Texas, but also across the county, thousand of students have been protesting. Many of the students are children of immigrants.

School administrators are attempting to contact the parents of the protestors. Administrators say disciplinary action will case by case, depending on each student’s attendance record.

The walkout is an unexcused absence for those who participated in Gainesville.

And dozens of students from Piner Middle School in Sherman could be heard loud and clear. The students walked around the Grayson County Courthouse chanting and holding signs protesting the government crack down on illegal immigrants.