Moussaoui Eligible for Death Penalty

4-3-06 - The jury deliberating the fate of Zacarias Moussaoui reached a verdict and a judge has found Moussaoui eligible for execution . Since last Wednesday, the panel has been trying to decide whether the confessed al-Qaida terror conspirator is eligible for execution.

A second phase of the trial will begin in two days to determine whether he will be sentenced to death or spend life in prison.. Prosecutors argued Moussaoui deserved to die, because the 9/11 plot could have been discovered in advance. During deliberations, the panel asked only one question.

It sought a definition of "weapon of mass destruction." One of the convictions for which Moussaoui could be executed is conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction. The panel was told that a plane used as a missile, as during the 9/11 attacks qualified.