Justice Served in 11-Year Old Case

4-10-06 - Eleven years ago a 16-year old told police she was raped by her boss; a man who ran the restaurant where she worked as a waitress.

Police investigated and Ulber Kaba was tried and convicted for the crime, but not before he skipped town twice eventually leaving the country, leading authorities on an international manhunt.

First Kaba fled Gainesville was in 1994 just before he was indicted for sexual assault. He then got out on bond, moved east, and was not caught until over six years later when the FBI tracked him to New Jersey and then New York. Kaba was brought back to Texas, tried, and the day before the jury returned a guilty verdict he was gone again.

Kaba, an Albanian national, was tracked to Germany, Switzerland, and eventually to his home country Macedonia. But the government refused to extradite him in 2003. Two years later Kaba was caught in Canada trying to re-enter the United States and Monday he was in Gainesville, led into court in chains.

Through the doors of the courtroom, the young teenager who is now a grown woman sat behind Kabba and listened as the judge formally handed down his sentence. Kaba will serve 20 years in prison and pay a $10,000 fine. He told the court Monday that he was not guilty.

Kaba is currently in the Cooke County Jail, waiting to be transferred to a prison.