Ardmore Skate Park Soon to be a Reality

4-12-06 - The city of Ardmore is ready to shell out some serious money as plans of a skate park are now becoming a reality and could impact tourism. Plans for the Ardmore Regional Skate Park came with a price tag of about $350,000.

The state agreed to pay for half of the project if organizers would raise the other half. The problem is the fundraising campaign has come up more than $100,000 short. But that apparently has not stopped the progress as the city of Ardmore has agreed to go ahead and put the skate park costs into the next budget and they will forward the remaining balance to get the project underway.

The fundraising effort will continue, but the money need to finish the project will come from the city. Once the project is finished, the park will be the largest in about a 100-mile radius. There are smaller skate parks in Texoma, but for one of the size of the Ardmore one you have to go all the way to Edmond.

There are still some details the city and the Ohio-based developer have to work out before construction can begin.