Councilman's Son Attacked Outside Home

4-12-06 - The son of a Sherman city councilman was beaten outside their family home Tuesday night in what the family says was an attack meant for the city official. Councilman Steve Jonse wasn’t home when five teenagers attacked his son.

As a coordinator for the neighborhood watch program, Jonse noticed a suspicious car sitting in front out his home last Wednesday night... After shining his flashlight on the car the driver cursed him and drove off. Jonse later had another run-in with the car-load of teens, who appeared to be loitering on the street. At the time, he gave their license plate number to police.

On Tuesday night, Julian Jonse had just finished mowing the lawn when the group of teens rolled up. The 19-year-old recognized them as Sherman high school students. He says the began harassing him about his father and then became violent. The teen suffered scrapes and bruises before a neighbor was able to break up the attack.

The family filed a police report Wednesday afternoon.