School Censors Pro-Life Shirt

4-13-06 - April 26th is national Pro-Life T-shirt Day, and to raise awareness for the event Marietta 3rd grader Charlie Roberts wore a Pro-Life shirt to his school on Tuesday, but neither Charlie nor his mom had any idea the shirt would get this type of reaction.

The front of the shirt read “Help Stop Abortion”. Charlie’s mom says he had worn the shirt at the school before as well as his former school without incident. School officials gave Charlie a sweatshirt to cover his shirt up, but it was also testing day; a day teachers had encouraged students to wear comfortable, cool clothing.

The student’s handbook does not specifically address the topic, but the dress code says, “No suggestive symbols or words should be displayed on clothing.” Charlie was not punished for wearing the shirt; the explanation his mother received from the school also prohibits clothing or accessories that promote religion.

As of now, the Robert’s family does not plan on taking any action against Marietta schools, but they say this will not prevent Charlie from wearing the shirt again.