Girl Lies About Kidnap Attempt

4-13-06 - An 11-year-old girl who told Kingston police a man tried to abduct her Thursday night made the story up. Detectives in the small Marshall County town say they believe the girl lied because her step father has a tattoo identical to the one the girl described on her attacker.

Police say the girl told officers she was riding her bike when a
man in a red S-U-V stopped and dragged her into a wooded area.

The girl says the man's hand slipped off her mouth and she
screamed and the man took off.

Detectives say the tattoo was hand-drawn, which convinces them the story was fabricated. The girl still claims the story is true. By phone, the girl's family told First News they believe her story as well, and are upset police aren't still investigating.

Police said late Friday afternoon that they were 100% sure the girl was not lying due to the vivid description she gave of the suspect. Speculation was in the air that the case could be false in light of a false abduction in Kansas one day before.