Man Persuades Teen in Fraud Scandal

4-17-06 - A conman strikes in Ardmore and a local woman is left to pick up the pieces. The woman alleges that a man duped her into writing numerous checks to help him pay for close to $1 million in merchandise.

Police arrested 25-year-old Bristol Lee Cain, a.k.a. Azriel Cain, on Saturday for attempting to obtain merchandise by fraud to the 19-year-old woman. His story sounded good enough to believe as Cain told the victim he was the lead singer in a successful rock band and has family living in Beverly Hills, including an Uncle in Trinidad who was supposed to give him a rather large inheritance.

The teenager bought the story when the suspect told her of his fortunes, and asked her to help him write checks to purchase the high dollar items, and she complied. Cain took the girl to a local car dealership where he tried to purchase two Cadillac Escalades valued at over $120,000. But the transactions were made in the woman’s name because Cain did not have any identification and that is when circumstances started to get suspicious.

Cain did not stop with the vehicles; after that he convinced the woman to write checks to help him buy a $640,000 home in the Country Club Estates. The dealership did not complete the sale of the vehicles, but Cain did convince the woman to hand over money she did not have to help complete the sale of the home. Cain was telling her that his supposed inheritance would be wired to her account on Monday and in the meantime the woman wrote close to $6,000 worth of checks when she only had $2,700 in her account.

Authorities arrested Cain this weekend after the mortgage company dealing with the house notified police. Cain is in the Carter County Jail charged with trying to obtain merchandise by fraud.