Attorney Arrested for 911 Abuse

4-18-06 - A Sherman attorney was arrested Saturday night and charged with abuse of 911 services. Sherman police made the arrest just before midnight after they say Lester Vance called 911 five times in the span of one hour.

In a police report, a supervising police officer states that dispatchers took the 1st call at 10:12pm Saturday. Dispatchers reported to the supervisor that Vance was not calling about an emergency. They directed him to call back on a non-emergency line.

He did, but the dispatchers eventually hung up, claiming that Vance cursed them and did not need emergency assistance.

The calls didn't stop. Over the course on an hour, he’d call a total of seven times, five of them to 911. During one call, the supervisor reported that Vance claimed he had not called 911, and that the supervisor was lying.

Despite numerous warnings from the police supervisor, Vance called back a final time to 911 at 11:04pm. According to the police report, he was asked if he had an emergency. He told the officer that he did and needed immediate police assistance.

When two police officers arrived at his Sherman office at 11:15pm, they say Vance was standing in the open doorway of his office holding a video camera. Officers informed him he was under arrest, they say he backed into his office building and refused to comply with their orders to place his hands behind his back. Both officers grabbed his arms, forced him to the ground, and handcuffed him.

He was then booked into the county jail on a misdemeanor charge of abuse of 911.

Vance refused to speak to a First News crew on the record about what happened that night.

911 calls are recorded by Sherman PD. KXII tried to obtain a record of those calls Saturday night, but Sherman police say due to a piece of malfunctioning equipment, the calls are not available.