Gas-Saving Gadgets - Part 2

4-20-06 - As gas prices rise, some people are spending money to save gas dollars in the long run. Some gadgets claim magnetic devices can improve has mileage, but experts in physics say it just isn't so.

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Did you ever think that you're not using every drop of gas you're putting in your vehicle? That's the concept one product on the market is hoping will attract drivers to its magnetizing effects.

John Potter is holding in his hands what he calls an attractive invention.

John Potter says, "What this thing right here does is cleans your engine, and common sense tells you if your engine is running cleaner, fuel efficiency will be better."

The Energy Cel is basically three magnets that clamp around your fuel line, and the company claims it treats the fuel as it passes through, spreading apart the hydrocarbon molecules, burning gas leaner and cleaner.

Potter says he's had it on his diesel truck 45 days and is getting four more miles of gas per gallon, but he's not the only one being pulled in by the magnetic force.

Craig Whisenhunt with Napa Auto Parts says, "We put it on. First initial tank full took it from 23 to 29. It floored me"

Craig has been with Napa Auto Parts for 17 years. He put the device on his company car a couple of weeks ago and has never seen results so good. But it comes with a hefty price tag, priced at $299 plus a $25 installation fee.

Another way drivers are trying to ease the pain at the pump is by popping pills called “miles per gallon caps” into their fuel tank when filling up. The pill claims to break fuel down to the molecular level, turning it into a finer mist.

The price tag is 10 pills for $20, about $2 per 20 gallons of gas. It’s a similar concept with the Energy Cel, in that it's supposed to help drivers burn every bit of gasoline that goes into their car.

The Environmental Protection Sgency has evaluated and tested more than 100 devices that claim to save gas and has not found any product that significantly improves gas mileage. It just comes down to how much saving a couple of gallons is worth to you.

The Energy Cel has been on the market about four years. There are other brands with similar products. You can find out more about the product on the Energy Cel Web site:, MPG, and the Caps Web site:

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