New Policies at Bryan Co. Aux. Jail

4-19-06 - After two shakedowns at the Bryan County Jail uncovered contraband, the jail is promising changes at this week’s visitation period.

Cigarettes, cell phones, and weapons were found recently after two thorough searches through the auxiliary jail. It cost the inmates television and commissary privileges and also brought new policies when it comes to visitation, which has been one month since the last visitation day.

But this time around their every move will be monitored before, after, and during visitation day. After recent searches found dangerous items in inmates cells the jail has made some changes to their building, their staff, and to their policies to keep those items out.

Jail staff has also received additional instructions on searching visitors before they enter the jail and also watching interaction between them and inmates. Even old policies will be more strictly enforced including one that prohibits physical contact, the most common way items like these are passed along. Another policy that inmates are upset at is no more free telephone calls.

Inmates can no longer use the jail phone; they have to use the pay phone instead. Policies are different at Bryan County’s main jail since inmates and family are separated in the visitation room at all times.