Ardmore Fraud Victim Speaks to First News

4-20-06 - There’s new light shed Thursday on the fraud case involving two people in Ardmore. A young couple is accused of trying to buy expensive SUVs and a luxury home all in one day.

Now one of the accused speaks out saying she is just a victim. Nineteen-year-old Heather Scarbrough was initially listed by police as the victim, but by Tuesday, she was charged with the same crime as her boyfriend. Scarbrough bonded out of jail Wednesday, and Thursday gave First News her side of the story.

Heather told First News she met Brandon Nagle two months ago on a sales trip in Texas, but at the time she thought his name was Bristol Lee Cain. She followed him to California where he was eventually arrested in San Diego for fraud. Heather told First News he was a convincing man, claiming to be a former member of the rock band “American Hi-Fi.”

Police arrested the Ohio man over the weekend and Scarbrough on Tuesday after she had written or tried to write several hot checks. Scarbrough said she had her suspicions earlier, but says the allure of being associated with an alleged millionaire kept her from running away.

Both Scarbrough and Nagel will be tried at the same time and are being charged with obtaining merchandise by fraud as police continue their investigation.