Sherman Native Attacked in McKinney

4-20-06 - A former Grayson County deputy who now serves as a McKinney police officer was attacked by a suspect on Monday. Russell May walked away with bruises, but the attack was caught on tape.

May was dispatched on a disturbance call of a possible assault when he stopped a vehicle coming out of an apartment complex. A man in the passenger seat refused to step out of the car, and when he finally did, he started punching the officer. The dash camera shows May fending off the suspect, who has his arm wrapped around the officer's chest as his free hand hits the officer in the face and head.

Residents in the apartment complex called 911, but another man ran up and begged the suspect to stop hitting May. His words eventually calmed the man down until other officers arrived and arrested the suspect.

The suspect turned out to be an escaped convict from Colorado. In addition to facing a return to prison, he'll also face charges of assaulting a police officer.

May returned to duty the same day of the attack.

May has family in Sherman and served as a Grayson County deputy and narcotics agent during two stints beginning in 1997. He's also served as a US Air Marshal.