Train derails in Durant

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DURANT, OK-Rail crews are still on scene of a train derailment Saturday night which happened early that morning in Durant. Victoria Maranan was on scene and has the latest.
A train heading to San Antonio went off track around 5:00 Saturday morning near the intersection of First and Arkansas streets.

"We had 27-rail cars derailed from the southbound train that was travelling on the rail line that parallels U.S. 69 in Durant, Oklahoma."

Rail and emergency crews have been cleaning up the debris as the train's cargo spilled over the tracks. Union Pacific spokesperson, Raquel Espinoza said they're investigating what led to the derailing.

"When these things happen, we do look at different possibilities that may have presented what happened. We looked at the track structure, we speak with the crew to see how they handled the train and we also look at the signal system, so we basically look at everything," she said.

A resident said he didn't hear anything early Saturday morning when the train derailed, but when he was driving through Arkansas street, he's surprised with what he saw.

"I looked down there and I said 'oh my! Look at that!' What would've happened if there's a lot of houses in that area? There were several cars that derailed and tore up the track good."

Gary West lives along Louisiana street, which was shut down by rail crews to clean up the tracks.

"There's not a lot of traffic that it's gonna hurt, but it's gonna hurt some of them who have to go the other way to get back over there," he said.

West said he's glad the incident didn't happen later in the day.

"Well luckily it was early this morning and nobody was out. There could've been kids playing or a lot of traffic going through there so it could've been more that happened than what happened. So we're lucky it's all that it did happen," he said.

Espinoza said it may take some time before the tracks are cleared because of Memorial Day.

"It is probably gonna take us a little longer than we'd like but we do have crews at the scene working to clear the area as soon as possible," she said.

She said no one was injured in the derailment and there are no hazardous materials in the train, just frack sand.

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