Immigration Rallies Planned for Monday

4-30-06 - NEW YORK (AP) - Activists for immigrant rights are calling tomorrow's planned demonstrations "A Day Without Immigrants."

But some people are growing tired of street protests, and others are afraid they'll be deported or fired for walking out. Others say the nationwide work stoppages and consumer boycotts are the next step to show just how much economic power undocumented workers hold.

Planned activities are varied. In New York City, thousands of workers are expected to take breaks shortly after noon to link arms with shoppers, restaurant-goers and other supporters along city sidewalks.

The owner of Wasatch Beers in Utah decided to make it a company holiday called "Latino Appreciation Day" after some of his Latino employees asked if they could take the day off.

And in Pomona, California, dozens of men who frequent a day-labor center have voted to close it tomorrow. They're also calling for the suspension of anyone who even comes looking for work. Meanwhile, a rally planned for Los Angeles is expected to attract as many as a half (m) million people.