Ten Commandments Monument Garners Attention

ATOKA, Okla. (AP) - A monument inscribed with the Ten Commandments has been put in place outside the Atoka County
Courthouse even as a lawsuit challenging a similar display in
Stigler is being heard.

Nancy Hyatt with the Ten Commandments Monument Group says she's
aware of potential lawsuits challenging the display in Atoka but is
confident the monument is constitutional.

And Hyatt says the monument is a historical - not religious - display. It was erected in mid-March, and will be dedicated this summer. The monument weighs 5,000 pounds and is cut from granite. It was paid for with private donations, although the city has agreed to pay the electric bill for a spotlight.

The Ten Commandments monument on the Haskell County Courthouse
lawn at Stigler is being challenged by a disabled veteran and the American Civil Liberties Union. The lawsuit is being heard in federal court in Muskogee.

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