Okla. Governor Mary Fallin stops in Atoka for campaign bus tour

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ATOKA, OK -- As a part of her campaign for re-election, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin is making pit stops in cities all across Oklahoma. Today she met with Atoka residents to discuss several hot topics, including education.

Dozens of Atoka residents welcomed Governor Mary Fallin to town Friday afternoon.

It was just one of several stops Fallin's campaign bus tour is making across the state.

"It's a great time for me to come and listen to them and come and talk about some of their issues," Fallin said.

One hot topic discussed was education. Thursday, the U.S. Department of Education informed state officials they would not extend the No Child Left Behind waiver to Oklahoma schools.

This follows Oklahoma's repeal of Common Core, which Fallin says they plan to replace with even better standards set by Oklahomans themselves.

"We have to have a strong educated skilled workforce for our communities and state to continue the forward momentum in our economy," said Fallin.

State Senators Josh Brecheen and Anthony Sykes both voted for House Bill 3399 which repealed Common Core.

"You need to be able to experiment and look at things and try," said Brecheen. "Things that work in one state may not work in another state and so I think Oklahomans get that, we know they do. Teachers in Oklahoma and educators need to be leading this issue not Washington D.C."

"The big thing is now with no waiver, we don't have the hammer or what they thought was an alleged hammer on us so it will give us an opportunity if anything for real local control over schools."

Fallin says education will continue to be a top priority.

"Education is critical for our economic development and for our children's future," Fallin said. "If we don't give our children the quality education and if we don't inspect what we expect out of education then our children aren't gonna get the education that they need."

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