Attorney Trial Triggers Gag Order

A judge has issued a gag order for a felony DWI trial in Grayson County. The case has attracted media and legal attention because the man on trial is a prominent Sherman attorney, accused of a 3rd DWI.

Sherman attorney Gary Corley faces a felony charge of drinking and drinking. He was arrested during a traffic stop back in 2004.

Corley has been convicted for a misdemeanor DWI twice before in Dallas and Collin counties. Today, the jury watched trooper dash-cam video of the arrest; defense attorneys zeroed in on a curse word used by the trooper as he made the stop.

Corley was driving 78 miles an hour. During the traffic stop, he conducted a field-sobriety test and Corley refused a breath-a-lyzer.

The prosecution still has not rested and the trial is expected to go on to a third day.

And in an unusual turn of events, the visiting judge on the bench issued a gag order. Attorneys will not be allowed to comment on the case. Insiders say that's highly unusual in a DWI trial.