Cooke County Seeking FEMA Aid

05-03-06 - People in Cooke County are once again cleaning up after an act of nature, and FEMA could be back to the area to bring federal aid.

Red Crosses across the area have had their hands full over the last year with hurricane evacuees and the grass fires, and that is where FEMA stepped in and helped. Now Cooke County is hoping for more federal assistance after the latest disaster.

The storms that broke out last Friday in Cooke County produced winds over 60 mph and hail that destroyed ten homes and did major damage to around 60 more. But the damage assessment does not qualify them for federal aid, at least not yet. Officials say they know there is more damage out there that would make them eligible, but it has to be reported by homes and businesses that are uninsured or underinsured so it can be added to the list of damage.

For the county to be eligible for the federal assistance there must be 25 homes that have suffered a 40 percent loss in value. Cooke County officials say right now they are close to that number, and that it is a matter of having people come forth and report what damage has been done.

If you are uninsured or underinsured home or business call (940)668-5435 to report what damage you have suffered. Emergency Management personnel will try to come out and take a look at the damage reported by callers.