Meth Homes Hard to Detect During Sale

05-03-06 - How much do you know about your home’s history? With met labs growing, you may not know enough.

Before you buy a home you may have it inspected for mold or other potential health hazards, but what about meth? Dangerous chemicals found in a meth lab, sometimes in a home, in a neighborhood that might look like yours.

But after the beakers and bottles are hauled away and years have passes, the hidden remains could still be dangerous. Under Texas law a seller must provide and sign a disclosure notice. In the notice it asks if any condition on the property could affect the health of an individual. But it does not ask about meth labs and those records cannot be found with a trip to the county courthouse.

In the Oklahoma discourse statement it specifically asks about meth. In Texas and Oklahoma sellers can be held liable for damages if they are aware of a meth lab and did not disclose that information.

In order to prevent buying a home that was former meth lab, do you research. You can go to your local law enforcement and ask about meth lab seizures at an address.