Witness: Dog Killing Wasn't Self-Defense

5-3-06 - A witness who saw two Sherman high school students kill a stray pit bull on Tuesday says it was not a case of self-defense. The teenager says he signed a statement for the school as an investigation into the killing is underway.

The two teenagers killed the dog on Tuesday near the Ag barn. They dragged the body into some nearby woods. When another student's parent called police the next night, the dog was removed.

The school didn't learn about the killing until Wednesday.

The teenager who says he saw the killing told First News off-camera that the two teens tied the dog to a tree and stabbed it repeatedly. He says the dog was not threatening livestock nor the boys.

A parent who saw the dog Wednesday night says the animal had been mutilated.

Sherman Animal Control and the school are investigating.
First News will have further details throughout the day on Thursday.