No Charges Over Campus Dog Killing

5-5-06 - Two students who killed a pit bull near the SISD Ag barn will not face criminal charges. School officials say the two have been disciplined for violating school rules, although they would not specify what rules were broken or how the teenagers were punished.

A witness says the dog was tied to a tree on Tuesday afternoon and then stabbed to death. The teens then dragged the dog's body into a nearby tree line.

It wasn't until 24 hours later that the school and police learned of the incident. An officer inspected the carcass along with a parent who called police. Later, Sherman PD decided not to pursue charges, because they believed the dog was killed in self-defense. The teens claim it was threatening livestock and had turned on the teens as they tried to scare it off.

An eyewitness has since come forward with a different story. The student signed a statement for the principal, although it's unclear whether he told his version to police.

The parent who called police and observed the body says it looks like the dog had been mutilated. It is possible that scavenger animals may have damaged the dog carcass after it was left in the woods.