Prayer-Based Diets Gaining Interest

05-08-06 - If you have ever tried to lost weight, you know it’s a struggle. So, is there a better way? Some say they have found the answer with a God.

You have heard names like Atkins, the Zone, and Southbeach that make the diet industry huge, but there is a market for faith-based diets and some say prayer is giving them the power to lose weight.

Take a trip to your local bookstore and inside you will find shelves packed with diet books. It is a big business, but some say only one source has all the answers. Faith-based diets have been on the market for years, but with more new titles like “What Would Jesus Eat?” and “The Maker’s Diet,” Christians are taking notice.

Like secular diets, Christian diets run the gamut and some programs are simple such as coupling prayer with a common-sense approach to nutrition and exercise. But others are more complicated like the Maker’s Diet encourages eating so called “clean foods” like no pork, and not that anyone would consider it, but no camel, horses, rat, or possums. With the Weight Down diet you can eat whatever you want, just eat less. And wait until your stomach growls to get a meal.

It is kind of like attending a Weight Watchers meeting, but here there are prayer cards and bible study. There are now also cookbooks, motivational CDs, and DVDs all promoting the power of prayer. One of the most popular programs sells kits cost $79.99. And if you want to start your own group the price goes up to $180.00.

While the Christian market is growing, traditional diet books still outsell faith-based programs. As with any new weight loss program, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor.

To learn more information on the prayer-based diets you can visit by clicking here, or visit for more information.

The Maker’s Diet is one of the popular diets among the prayer-based ones. Click here to visit the Maker’s Diet website for more information.