Airport Noise Worries Neighborhood

Since the announcement last month, some residents at Perrin Estates say they are worried about the future of their homes.

Already they say it's a disturbance when the planes fly in overhead, and now with the incoming training center that could bring F-16s with it, they worry things could get even louder and ultimately end up lowering their property values.

The airport does acknowledge that the noise will likely increase. However, they say it won't be as significant an increase as one may think.

The planes will land and take off from this airport. However the actual training will be done elsewhere. Also their procedures will help minimize the amount of people who can hear them.

The north and west areas of Grayson County will probably be the ones to hear most of the planes. In other areas across the country where plane noise is a problem, the FAA has even gone as far as to soundproof some homes windows. However, the airport says they do not anticipate the noise being that much of a problem here.