Tornadoes Kill 3, VA High School Mourns

05-10-06 - Three people have died from a tornado that hit the Collin and Grayson county areas, including a student from Van Alstyne High School. 14-year-old fresham Colson Owens was at a home on Black Road in Grayson County.

Emergency officials are continuing to assess the damages. but believe at least one tornado touched down north of Anna and progressed eastward into the Westminster community in northeast Collin County. Three persons died because of the storm -- Mary Ellen Newsom, 80, Paul Harris Newsom, 82, both of Collin County, and Colson Owens of Grayson County.

Additionally, ten persons were transported to Dallas-area hospitals. Many more sustained minor injuries.

The tornado activity in the Collin County area from Tuesday night was recorded as an F-3. For a well built home, any removal of inner walls makes-up for the F-3 damage. Over 26 homes are estimated to be destroyed. Approximately 100 residents in the Westminster area are known to be without power.

An official says a deadly tornado probably took the tiny North Texas community of Westminster by surprise -- totally unaware.