Charge Will Be Filed in Dog Killing

5-11-06 - Sherman police are now planning to charge one student for animal cruelty for the killing of a stray dog on the SISD campus last week. Two students told police and school officials the following day that they’d killed the pit bull in self-defense and to protect their livestock at the Ag barn, but an eyewitness told a different story.

Over the past few days, police say they've followed up on several leads relating to the events surrounding the dog killing. They’re now recommending one charge of animal cruelty to the District Attorney.

The dog was stabbed to death on a Tuesday afternoon near the Ag barn. The teenagers dragged the dog’s body off into some nearby woods. School officials learned of the story the next day.

Police now say the story of self-defense doesn't add up. They say that the charge will be filed because their completed investigation found that the dog was not attacking any person or livestock at the time it was killed. Although they do maintain this was not an act of mutilation, since the animal had just one stab wound.

The D.A. should have the case next week.