New Project Getting Underway for Ardmore Airpark

05-11-06 - Another big improvement project in Ardmore will be underway soon and this time, it is the runways at the municipal airport getting a facelift.

The Downtown Executive Airport in Ardmore is still used by some businesses to move materials and products back and forth, but the runways are worn down and need some work. Parts of the runway surface are starting to buckle, which makes it difficult for planes to take off and land. The resurfacing project would fix any problems with the runway and keep the airport bustling with air traffic.

Businesses that need to ship products still use the airport often, and it is the best option for the area other than the Ardmore Airpark. The $667,000 project does not include extending or widening the runways. The city says there is not any room left for a project of that magnitude. But other options after resurfacing are possible as well.

Officials hope the improvements made at the airport will make sure that planes still take off and land there. The city will get underway with the resurfacing project sometime soon. Bids for the work have already been accepted by the city.