Overnight Break-Ins Target Local Businesses

5-14-06 – Police in Bonham are investigating a rash of burglaries at six restaurants and one store this weekend. Police say seven businesses in town were broken into between midnight and six a-m on Sunday.

Thieves took cigarettes, cash, and in some cases, nothing at all. The businesses targeted were in different parts of town, but police say they believe the burglaries are related because the cash safes were targeted in most cases. The burglar or burglars pried open doors and broke windows to gain access to the businesses.

The Pizza Hut, Texas Star BBQ, The Riverbend Restaurant, The Dragon Seed Restaurant, Bewley’s Restaurant, a Sonic and the Towne and Country Store were all hit by thieves.

Police have reviewed surveillance video from a Sonic Drive-In Restaurant. In the video, one suspect is spotted, but police say more people could be involved. The suspect in the video is a white male between the ages of 35-40. He has blonde or gray hair.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Bonham Police Department.