Dead Animals Found in Field Update

05-15-06 - Friday, First News reported about piles of dead animals piled on top of each other on private property. We know now it is all part of a business in Grayson County. The animals were piling up on private property off Haun Road and it turns out the owner of the property has a license to render the animals. And while it is not a pretty business, it is all legal.

It may be a disturbing site, the piles of dead horses and cows, but to Reed Blackmon, it is a just a business. Blackmon owns a carcass removal service that picks up dead animals and disposes of them on private property. He is licensed by the state to dispose of the animals, which includes stacking them and allowing them to decompose.

The Grayson County Environmental Officer asked Blackmon to burn the carcasses. According to the TCEQ, Blackmon can allow the animals to decompose above ground for up to a year as long as the animals are away from a water source and do not create a public nuisance.

The Texas Department of State Health Services say they will make sure Blackmon complies with the law.