Teacher Sent Home at Ardmore HS

5-16-06 - A teacher at Ardmore High School was sent home Tuesday after a verbal altercation with students. School leaders won't be specific about what happened, but some parents say the teacher used a racial slur.

The verbal altercation occurred this morning in a classroom at Ardmore High School. School administrators quickly stepped in, sending the teacher home and now, they are conducting an investigation into exactly what happened in that classroom.

The only thing school administrators would confirm with us is that words were exchanged between the students. The students were sent back to class without incident.

They would not comment about how or why that altercation began because it involved personnel and juveniles. Some parents of the teenagers involved say that the students were discussing rap lyrics when the teacher walked in and told them they shouldn't use the "N" word. The students took offense to the teacher's use of the word, and claim the teacher kept repeating it.

School leaders have neither confirmed nor denied those allegations, but parents say during an afternoon meeting today, the school told them that's what happened.