Caddo Nursing Home Trying to Reopen

05-17-06 - Last week, First News told you about the Caddo Nursing Home closing down, leaving residents to find a new home. But this week city and county officials are thinking about ways of getting the nursing home back up for business.

Even though by law they had 90 days before the shut down, it took all 34 residents at the Caddo Nursing Home less than a week to find someplace new. But the situation has spurred multiple meetings on ways to get the facility back on its feet. Financial problems took place under a previous administration, putting the current in owning almost $70,000 in back taxes.

But now the nursing home has been released to the city and the home’s board and county commissioners have already held two meetings and have more scheduled. Hope is to get the financial problems taken care of and open the doors back up for workers and residents. The nursing home is also vital to the city of Caddo’s economy; before it shutdown it was the town’s second largest employer.

Many of the workers at the nursing home worked without pay until all the residents were gone.