Controversy Rises Over Student Scholarship

05-17-06 - Students at the small Carter County school of Fox are getting ready for graduation on Friday night, but thousands of dollars in scholarship money could be riding on what happens at the ceremony.

A student at Fox High School received a scholarship from a foundation in Healdton, but now he may not get it and it could all be because of a calendar. Fox Schools informed First News that one of their students, who have yet to be informed, was selected for a scholarship from the K1 Smith Foundation in Healdton. The scholarship would be worth $500 a semester for eight semesters.

But the foundation gave the school an unusual requirement: that the scholarship be presented at graduation. Fox Schools do not give awards or scholarships at graduation; they do it in a separate awards ceremony. So the foundation threatened to pull the scholarship unless the school would make an exception, so now school officials are meeting to resolve the matter.

The school says they will award the scholarship minutes prior to graduation.