Act of Care for Tornado Victims

05-17-06 - 14-year-old Colson Owens was killed by debris as a tornado destroyed his home near the Grayson/Collin County line last Tuesday, and now another tornado victim is opening his heart to help the Owens Family.

More that a week after a tornado destroyed his home, Cecil Kyle is still picking up the pieces, emotionally and physically. From old pictures that do not belong to him to the American flag that does, Mr. Kyle is still cleaning up and trying to get his life back together, but he has had some help and now Mr. Kyle is paying it forward.

After the tornado hit, the American Legion Ladies Auxiliary offered him a donation and even though his house was destroyed and he does not have insurance, Mr. Kyle refused to take the money. Just miles from where he lost his home, Colson Owens lost his life. The Ladies Auxiliary will present a $1,000 check to the Owens Family Wednesday night.

Mr. Kyle will be at the ceremony as well as a First News crew. Tune into First News at 10 for the complete story.