Historical Marker Placed in Grayson Co.

05-18-06 - The man behind Grayson County’s name was given a permanent place in local history Thursday, but who exactly was Peter Wagener Grayson?

Local historians describe Peter Wagener Grayson as an enigmatic, interesting character in Grayson’s history. While it took almost a year to get the historical marker approved, the effort to find out who Mr. Grayson was goes back more than 40 years.

The Grayson County Historical Commission honored Grayson with a Texas Historical marker Thursday morning. About 50 people, including county officials gathered as home school students unveiled the marker on the north lawn of the courthouse. Born in Virginia in 1788, Grayson helped establish the Republic of Texas and served as Attorney General in 1836 for Texas. Historians say Grayson may have never actually visited Grayson County, but was an important part of Texas’s early history. There are more than 130 historical markers in the county with about a dozen of them on the courthouse lawn.

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