Resolution in Fox Scholarship Controversy

05-18-06 - Wednesday night, First News reported on a story about a Fox student who was selected for a scholarship, under the condition the school presents the award at graduation, and now there’s a resolution to the controversy.

The KL Foundation in Healdton selects two students from Fox and Healdton High Schools for a $4,000 scholarship, but the Fox student selected almost did not receive it. The foundation wanted to present the scholarship at Fox’s graduation this Friday, but the school does not allow awards at the graduation, they have a separate ceremony.

But Thursday, David Smith of the foundation decided to present the student with the scholarship in Healdton. David Smith created the scholarship program nine years ago to honor his late father, KL smith. Since then, they have given over $72,000 to high school students in Fox and Healdton. Justin Smart was the recipient of the scholarship and plans to attend ECU in Ada in the fall.