Old Sherman Foundry Could Be Hazard Site

05-19-06 - A cast-iron foundry in Sherman abandoned for almost six years in now catching the attention of the state government, who say it may be a hazard to the environment.

Not only an eyesore, the problems with the old Sherman Foundry go deeper that that. The Texas Commission on environmental quality is prosing to put the facility on the list for a state-funded clean up job. The old foundry on King Street produced gray and ductile iron machine parts for more than 50 years, until it was abandoned out of bankruptcy in 2000.

After recent investigations by the TCEQ, it is one of ten sites proposed in the past year to be included on the state super-fund registry. The registry is a list of abandoned facilities that may cause substantial danger to public heath or to the environment. The TCEQ has found more than 5,000 cubic yards of waste, including lead deposits and other containments on site. Thursday evening, they presented their findings to the city officials.

The next step is to continue to investigate the site, running test to see how wide spread the contamination is and if it affects any adjacent property. City officials say these types of clean up jobs can be expensive, but because the TCEQ is stepping in, taxpayers will not have to bear the clean up cost.