14-year old Drowns at Lake Texoma

05-22-06 - The body of a 14-year-old who drowned in Lake Texoma Sunday was recovered overnight. Tylor Heath of Pottsboro was in the Paradise Cove area of the lake, walking across a sandbar, when he fell into a deep hole and never resurfaced.

It happened around 5:30 p.m. Sunday. He was with his brother and another child. A fisherman happened to pass by in a boat and rescued the two other boys, but they couldn't save Tylor.

A game warden from Wise County did come in SUnday night with Sonar equipment to help with the search. They found his body just before midnight.

Tylor was an 8th grader at Pottsboro Middle School where 8th grade graduation ceremonies took place Monday morning. Game wardens say this is the fourth drowning on the Texas side of Lake Texoma in about 12 years.

The lake is up some this year because of the rain, so officials warn you to be careful even if you know the depth.