Female Truckers Answering Call

The days of long hours and low pay are quickly passing truck drivers by. Companies are pulling out all the stops trying to attract employees. But the next time you're passing a big rig, take a look in the driver's seat. You may be surprised about whose hands are on the wheel.

Betty Tomlinson is leaving the restaurant business after ten years. She's got one more week of training at Grayson County College, becoming their first female graduate; but she won't be alone on the road. More than 170,000 women drive big rigs.

Driving student Barbara Roedel will be teaming up with her 22-year-old son. He got his license two months ago and even at sixty years old, she says she's not slowing down.

Betty is planning on joining her husband who's been a trucker for 25 years. After tagging along one time, she discovered what was missing.

While these two are following their own path, they're paving the way for so many others.

You can reach the GCC Truck Driving School at 903-786-4343.