Focus on Fuel: Does the Energy Cel Work?

Gas prices may be a few cents cheaper than a week ago, but as folks make summer travel plans they continue look to gas-saving devices for relief. EnergyCel, a device we introduced a month ago, promises to do just that. We've been putting it to the test since then, and the results do show a difference.

A local mechanic we interviewed a month ago was one of the skeptics of the EnergyCell, until he tested the device himself.

Energy Cel is basically three magnets that clamp around your fuel line. The company says once it is installed, the physics are anything but basic.

"When fuel goes through this exact magnetic charge it causes the hydrocarbons to separate to become smaller, to flow separately and allows oxygen to bind with it," says Terry Plunkett, distributor.

The Energy Cel claims to increase engine efficiency, reduce emissions and in turn, improve fuel economy, in some case up to 30 percent.

Mechanic Terry Webber laughed when we first told him about the claims, but decided to see for himself.

He first tested it with a computer graphic scanner, which analyzes engine efficiency. After EnergyCel, he says his 1991 Chevy truck was running 99.9 percent efficient.

Next, he hit the road driving his normal route from home to work. Before the Energy Cel, he was getting about eight miles a gallon. The first tank with the Energy Cel got 12 miles a gallon. The next tank - he was getting 13.

For the sake of this test, Erin McLemore temporarily installed the EnergyCel in her car.

"I've gone through four tanks of gas since the Energy Cel was put on. Without it, I was getting about 23 miles a gallon in town. I am now averaging about 30 miles a gallon and I didn't change a thing, not even the oil," McLemore says.

There are no guarantees. The Energy Cel has different affects on different cars; and it is not cheap. It will put you back $229 plus a $25 installation fee.

Past research on magetic fuel devices show little scientific evidence that they work. To see research conducted by the Federal Trade Commission, click here

For more information on Energy Cel call:
Terry Webber at (903) 868-1362 or Terry Plunkett at 1-866-507-7433.