Governor Perry Touts Finance Reform in Sherman

05-25-06 - Governor Rick Perry was in Sherman today, touting the new school finance reform plan just passed by the Texas Legislature.

Governor Perry says one of the biggest advantages of the new reform plan is it protects local businesses. That is why he chose to stop at Foxworth-Galbraith Lumber Company on Taylor Street to answer questions and talk about what supporters call an historic piece of legislation.

It’s historic in the sense that this plan could reduce property taxes by $15.7 billion. Today, around 50 people from all parts of the local community came to hear the governor speak. In addition to tax reduction, supporters say the legislation is by far the largest performance program in the country to reward teacher excellence and give the state a broader, fairer business tax.

Governor Perry says the North Texas area is growing. The tax reduction will benefit not only residents but businesses as well.

Local educators are supportive of one part of the plan, a $2,000 pay raise for teachers. Still, some feel the property tax reduction alone will not be able to solve all the problems schools face. However, those we spoke with say they see this legislation as a starting point.