Remembering the Missing on Memorial Day

05-26-06 - For generations, heroes have fought for freedom overseas, some of them never seen again. Close to 2,000 people are still missing in action from the Vietnam War alone, including one man from Caddo.

But the grave of Jimmy Don Hyde, born and raised in Caddo is empty. Hyde was a sailor in the U.S. Navy, on his second tour of duty ion Vietnam, he never came home. Jimmy went missing on December 5, 1965, trying to save a sailor who fell overboard.

One year later, the Navy declared him dead, but his body was never found. According to military records there are six people from local counties who went missing in action from previous wars, but so far only one of those men have been found.

MIA’s in Texoma hail from all over, including Sherman, Denison, Ardmore, Durant, and Tishomingo.

Many government resources are available for families of heroes missing in action; for more information click here.