Death Toll Tops 4300 in Indonesia

5-28-06 - BANTUL, Indonesia (AP) - Doctors, medicine and food are arriving in Indonesia after an earthquake yesterday killed more than
43-hundred people.

As of nightfall, thousands were still being treated in hospitals overflowing with bleeding patients and piles of debris.

Torrential rain has been adding to the misery for 200-thousand
people left homeless. The country is also battling a spiraling human bird flu case load, terror attacks by Islamic militants and the threat of eruption from Mount Merapi, just north of the quake zone.

The district chief of the hardest-hit region acknowledges the relief effort is slow.

The U-N is handing out food rations. Two Singapore military cargo planes have arrived with doctors and medical supplies.

The United States is sending a half-million dollars in emergency assistance for earthquake victims in Indonesia.

A statement released by President Bush says the U-S will offer "financial and material support" and is standing by to offer additional assistance as needed.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says personnel with the US Agency for International Development are in Yogyakarta, the central Indonesian city that bore much of the quake's impact.