Ardmore City Leaders Seeking Input on Proposed Budget

05-31-06 - The end of another fiscal year means another new budget. The city of Ardmore has a $60 million plan on the table, with a huge chunk going to fund city projects.

When city leaders crunched the numbers this year, they ended up with a proposed budget allocating 80 percent to fixed expenses such as employee salaries and utilities, leaving 20 percent for improving the city’s infrastructure. A little over $3 million will go to complete the Wastewater Plant improvements, which were mandated by the government. City leaders also want to reintroduce neighborhood focus groups to suggest ways to make the city a better place to live, with $60,000 being allocated for that.

But it is aging utilities that top the city manager’s agenda; a major problem brought to the surface during a water main break last week. Residents have the chance to see the numbers, as a copy of the proposed budget is available at the library and the city manager’s office and city leaders want your input.

On June 5 the city leaders will start a series of public hearings to address the budget. Commissioners must approve a new budget by July 1.