Unidentified Marijuana Farm Found in Bryan Co.

06-05-06 - Drug agents once used to busting meth labs have uncovered a marijuana growing operation at a home in the southeastern part of Bryan County. The question now is who is the drug farmer?

The investigation began about two weeks ago when undercover drug agents for the DA's task force took these pictures near Utica. But finding the growers would be a different task.

Agents set up a surveillance camera near a home, and late last week they captured the images of two people tending to 178 plants. At that point, the marijuana would have been worth between $2500 and $5000.

In this case, agents identified one of the people on that surveillance video as 35-year-old Bobby Vandenburg. A warrant was issued for his arrest today.

Agents also found a small amount of marijuana and weapons inside the home. Another woman living in the house is facing other criminal charges.