Economic Plan in the Works for Texoma

06-06-06 - For the past several months Workforce Texoma along with economic development organizations in Texas and Oklahoma have been taking part in a study designed to make the Texoma area a more unified and marketable economic environment and now that study is almost complete.

Late last year Workforce Texoma took the unprecedented step in partnering up across state lines with the Southern Economic Development Board and since that time consultants have been brought in and conducting surveys, studies, and interviewing employers in the area on how to turn Texoma into a team. 10 counties north of this river and 3 counties south of it have formed this plan that truly is a unique situation and now after month of study the ideas of how to develop regionally instead of locally have begun to flow.

But there remains work to be done before that becomes a reality. A debriefing of the studies findings revealed that employers in the area have had trouble finding qualified employees. Workforce Texoma hopes their vision will give them two states to choose from.

Economic developers from all 13 counties will meet on July 28th at Tanglewood where the study will be made public and at that point they will take the data and information gathered and try to turn it into a formula for growth. The communities combined to present workforce Texoma with a $200,000 check back in October to help fund the study.