New Education Way Coming to Ardmore

06-09-06 - The board of trustees at the Ardmore Higher Education Center voted unanimously yesterday in favor of bringing a branch college to town, giving students in Ardmore and southern Oklahoma a chance to stay close to home and still get a full college education.

For years students in this area have been able to go to the Ardmore Higher Education to take their lower level courses to get started, but had to go elsewhere to finish their degree and now they'll be able to finish those degrees in Ardmore.

The center will remain in operation, giving students an opportunity to finish lower level classes, but this new branch will let students finish their degrees in town, which could be a big help to not only Ardmore, but all of southern Oklahoma.

The board says they will negotiate with different universities in the state and make their recommendations to the state legislature.

Legislators will in turn make the decision based on all the facts.

The board says work on the first phase of the new campus project could get underway sometime in the near future. The project will be split up into multiple phases and the new branch could be up and running in a little less than two years.