Dog and Puppies Rescued in Fannin County

6-12-06 - A good samaritan helped rescue a female dog and her dozen puppies recently in Fannin County. The owner now faces charges for what authorities call a horrible case of abuse and neglect.

Police arrested 24-year-old Clint Williams of Honey Grove last week with animal cruelty for neglecting a pit bull mix and her 12 puppies.

Rescuers say it's a satisfying outcome that doesn't happen often enough.

Dogs were taken from an apartment in Honey Grove on May 31 after a couple looking to rent noticed them locked up inside, starving.

Police say the dog's owner was not home and with permission from the landlord the citizens rescued the animals, but not before two puppies died.

Police later arrested Williams after he contacted them to report his dogs missing. Fannin County non-profit "Rainbow Bridge" has found a temporary home for the dogs, but rescuers want to see Williams prosecuted. At the same time, Animal Control officers say many cases can be difficult to see through.

Thoa Allen of Rainbow Bridge Rescue Group said, "Animal abuse is against the law and there is a fine for it, and you can get arrested. I just wish the law is taken a bit more seriously so people here can have some hope for the animals."

One thing that will help their cause, because of the extent of the abuse, the Honey Grove police chief says he will present his report to the district attorney sometime this week.

For those with concerns of animal abuse or neglect, Animal Control officers say the first step is to report the situation to local police or the sheriffs office, a more direct route than calling rescue groups.

For information on how to foster an abused or neglected dog in north Texas or southeastern Oklahoma, call the Rainbow Bridge Rescue Group at (903) 583-3233.