Ardmore Getting the Vote Out for '06

6-14-06 - Ardmore city leaders are trying to get the vote out this year. The Oklahoma Prosperity Project is designed to give people who haven't registered to vote the ability to do so.

The Ardmore Development Authority and the Chamber of Commerce is getting heavily involved in the project, targeting businesses in Ardmore to get their employees registered by the June 30 deadline.

The Chamber says the most important thing is for businesses to understand how the upcoming elections can influence them directly.

Mita Bates, VP of Operations for the Ardmore Chamber of Commerce, said, "One of the things we see is that a lot of people say that, oh, my vote doesn't matter, and that's part of what we're trying to let people know is that the one vote does matter."

For more information on how to get registered to vote you can go to the Oklahoma Prosperity Project's Web site,